What is TEDxNortheasternU?
TEDxNortheasternU is being created in the spirit of TED’s mission of Ideas Worth Spreading to Northeastern University. TEDxNortheasternU is designed to give a unique experience
of interdisciplinary talks and interactions
to the attendees. 

There will be 100 attendees present at the event plus additional viewing from those following the live stream. The audience will primarily be comprised of Northeastern University Community members as well as people from the general Boston community. After the event, the video of
each speaker will be posted online for potentially millions to see through TED’s video platform.

TED covers a variety of topics falling under the categories of
TED=Technology Entertainment and Design. TED is an internationally known organization with substantial influence
in these industries. TEDx brings new interdisciplinary ideas to new people and we want to support ideas worth spreading.