Event Inquiries

+ When do doors open?

Doors will open at 12:30pm on Saturday. Please arrive from the 805 Columbus Ave entrance, and pick up your name badge at the Registration Table. The event will begin promptly at 1:00pm. Late entry or re-entry will only be permitted between speaker talks or during breaks.

+ Will there be an intermission?

Yes! During the intermission, attendees are encouraged to explore our interactive exhibits, otherwise known as xLabs.

+ What do I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. There is no dress code, but most attendees will dress smart casually.

+ Will there be parking available?

Visitors to Northeastern University are expected to park at Renaissance Park Garage or the Gainsborough Garage. Please find parking information and fees here.

+ Is the venue handicapped accessible?


+ What can I expect at TEDxNortheasternU 2019?

Expect TEDxNortheasternU 2019 to be interactive, inspiring, and interdisciplinary! Simply put, we hope the experience of the event will leave attendees feeling, "wow".

In return, we expect attendees to arrive with open and curious minds!

+ Can I take photos and videos during the talks and performances?

During talks and performances, we request that all electronic devices be silent or switched off. Flash photography and personal recording devices are not permitted in the auditorium.

Press will be permitted to engage at minimal distraction to any ongoing activities.

+ What is the event hashtag?

If you are posting on social media, remember to use #TEDxNortheasternU during the breaks to join the conversation online. Other options include #Branches and #CultivatingConnections.

+ Do you have snapchat filters?

Yes! Please use our custom Snapchat filter designed specifically for TEDxNortheasternU 2019.



General Inquiries


+ Where can I view past TEDxNortheasternU talks?

TEDxNortheasternU 2018 took place on Sunday, March 18, 2018 in Raytheon Amphitheater. Watch, learn, and be inspired!

+ How can I become or nominate a speaker or performer?

You can become or nominate a speaker here.

To become or nominate a performer for TEDxNortheasternU 2019, please reach out to tedxneu.speakers@gmail.com.

+ How are speakers and performers selected?

Nominations are reviewed and selected by the TEDxNortheasternU speaker team. Considerations include, but are not limited to, importance and relevancy of topic; skill, presence, experience, and potential of speaker or performer; affiliation to Northeastern University; and uniqueness and fit with the year’s theme.

+ Does TEDxNortheasternU pay its speakers, performers, or team members?

TED, TEDx, and TEDxNortheasternU events never pay their presenters, performers, or team members. All participation is on a strictly volunteer basis due to genuine passion and interest.

+ How can I donate or become a sponsor?

All fundraising requests can be directed to our Director of Finance, Jarett Elser at tedxneu@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting TEDxNortheasternU!

+ How can I join the TEDxNortheasternU team?

Currently, our team is dedicating all efforts to making our 2019 flagship event a reality! We will be recruiting for the team towards the end of the Spring 2019 semester.

Make sure to follow us on social media or join our mailing list to stay up to date!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. We love hearing from you!