Let’s Talk About Neuroscience

"Unlike with most other STEM fields, students don’t usually get exposed to neuroscience until they enter college. Similarly, I think we need to open up neuroscience research to make it more accessible to amateurs, makers, and tinkerers. I believe that by getting young students excited about neuroscience at a young age, many of them will go on to study the field and end up make discoveries about the brain beyond our wildest imaginings.”

James is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University (College of Science '20).



Let’s Talk About The Brain

Dagmar’s talk focuses on how do we approach the problem of “how does the brain control movement?”. By studying the complexity of human motion using different mathematical models and brain imaging techniques, the Action Lab aims to understand the complexities in human motion in an action as simple as carrying a cup of coffee. Ultimately this understanding will help develop different methods of therapies and rehabilitation to help those who have lost the ability to control their motor functions regain it.

Dagmar is a professor in the College of Science, with areas of expertise in motor control and neuroscience.



Let’s Talk About Salamanders

The Monaghan lab focuses on understanding the cellular mechanism that results in the regenerative properties of axolotl salamanders. Axolotls are our distant ancestors who have retained the ability to regenerate complex organs including their brains, lungs and limbs. By studying how axolotl’s accesses these regenerative abilities, the Monaghan lab hopes to one day be able to discover the basis for regenerative therapies. 

James is an assistant professor in the College of Science, with areas of expertise in behavioral neuroscience and biology.



Let’s Talk About Food

Maureen's talk will highlight how food can be the connecter between almost all disciplines and thus, be used as a universal tool for deeper learning by all people.

Maureen is the Director of Dining Services at Northeastern University.




Let's Talk About Art:

James' talk will focus on how the act of destroying art pieces is used by governments and other groups as an act of power, and it’s effect on culture. He also humanizes the people behind the art and rather than think about pieces in terms of dollars, he talks about the societal-wide impacts.

James is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University (College of Engineering '20).



Let’s Talk About our Carbon Footprint

Ory’s vision focus in on creating a simple language that allows everyone to know their carbon footprint. He has taken a pragmatic and scientifically rigorous approach to carbon footprinting. A simple language that captures the complexity of the system and yet allows everyone (consumers, investors, corporate executives and policy makers etc.) to estimate, calculate and consequently improve their carbon footprint. Addressing this challenge is a critical missing component in our fight against climate change.

Ory is currently the Executive Director at Greenometry, a non-profit promoting the public understanding of carbon footprint, and parent to two children who currently attend Northeastern University.



Let’s Talk About Malaria

Have you ever wondered why malaria hasn't been defeated yet? Come with us on a journey to examine the obstacles eradication efforts have faced and talk about the future of malaria research. We will also explore the important role advocacy plays in fighting malaria. 

Kritika is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University (College of Engineering '20).



Let’s Talk About EntrepreNursing

An experienced nurse, Rebecca strives to connect the worlds of healthcare and business through the notion of "EntrepreNursing". Her talk focuses on the role of innovation in modern medicine, and explores the possible future of nursing.

Rebecca is the Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Northeastern School of Nursing.



Let’s Talk About Music

Ryo, a member of the Downbeats, will discuss the inter-twinning nature of music, and its similarity to verbal storytelling. He will look to give more insight into the audience on how to listen to music to follow it’s melodic story, then immediately be followed by a performance with the Downbeats Acapella Group.

Ryo is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University (College of Engineering '22).



Let’s Talk About Pausing

In his business ventures, Chirag noticed the intensive and time consuming hours of work students and professionals are expected to take on. He changed his mindset towards working, and realized that “working less,” and taking time to meditate has numerous individual and professional benefits. His talk will focus on the advantages of mediation and how it can aid in building a career and life you love.

Chirag is an alumnus of Northeastern University and graduated from D'Amore McKim School of Business in 2018.